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LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. handles the development, operation and management of Flisvos Marina.

True to its company policy and mission, LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A.aims to provide its customers with high quality services and to respond to their needs

in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Sensitive and responsive to public concerns about the environmental effects of marine tourism, the company holds quality and safety as absolute prerequisites to its

management procedures giving first priority to marine safety issues including safety ashore and at sea, the prevention of human life and the environment.
In its mission to continually improve and develop its operations and levels of customer and other interested parties' satisfaction, the company has designed and established a dynamic and comprehensive Quality and Safety Management System. The company's commitment includes:

Respond to customer requirements at service level through clear and continuous identification of their needs. Continually upgrade and improve the quality and safety service level, through scheduling and reviewing. Focus on processes as well as procedures. Continually develop the system to ensure the effective evaluation of collected data via the indicators. Conform to national and international regulations that apply to the company's activities.
Train employees in quality, safety and environmental issues, with the aim to provide an effective emergency response mechanism. Communicate to interested parties the role and contribution of the marina to the social and cultural events. Making every effort to minimize and/ or eliminate to the extent reasonably possible any risks related to the safety of human life, the protection of the environment and its facilities, the continuation of its procedures, the safety of third parties or a combination with the above, maintaining the recognized operational risks under full control and applying systems for the early recognition of new risks and their confrontation.

Quality & Safety Policy Requirements

The requirements outlined in the Quality and Safety Management System are designed to assist the company in its mission to offer a high level of quality service by providing a path for continual improvement and rectification of its operational procedures.
LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A.'s Management supports this initiative and commits itself to fulfilling its specifications and to ensuring employee involvement towards its end goals.
All LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. employees ashore and at sea, comply actively with this policy.