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Mobile map Flisvos Marina in Athens with marked location
Flisvos Marina — located in the heart of the Mediterranean — serves mariners of the world seeking a place to feel at home, while maintaining its competitive edge by providing internationally recognised and state-of-the-art services and facilities.

Sail into the marina and experience a top-notch homeport experience from the moment you disembark. Enjoy the comfort and amenities expected from one of the leaders in the industry.

Sail to the magnificent Greek isles! Look at your map and chart your course to freedom! Choose from the thousands of Greek islands and islets just waiting to be discovered. See their unique natural beauty, meet their charismatic and hospitable residents, swim their spectacular beaches and marvel at their secret coves.

Explore the breathtaking blue seas of the Aegean and the emerald waters of Ionian. Enjoy the unique cube-shaped architecture of the Cyclades. Wonder at the vistas that meet you along the way. Choose from Greece’s many island clusters: the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades, Crete, the islands of the Ionian and the Argosaronic.

For the more adventurous, the geographical location of Flisvos Marina provides the opportunity to travel to top European destinations such as Italy, France, Spain and Croatia.

Consider a travel itinerary incorporating both sea and land tourism and get to know the hidden beauties of Greece, all seasons, 365 days a year.

With Flisvos Marina as your base, the travel treasures waiting to be uncovered abound.

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How to get to and from Flisvos Marina:


Via the National Road E75 leading towards Posidonos Avenue
Via Syngrou Avenue, which merges into Posidonos Avenue

Note: Posidonos Avenue is the main avenue along the coast that passes in front of Flisvos Marina


There are two bus stops located outside of Flisvos Marina that provide access to Athens, Piraeus and Glyfada: “Oulen” - buses 217, A1, B1, B2 and “Apovivasi” (terminal) bus 550 (to Athens centre and northern suburbs)

The Intercity Bus Terminal (KTEL Kifissos), is located approximately 10 minutes away from Flisvos Marina, by car via the National Road E75.


Radio Taxi companies:
Hermes: 210 4115200
Glyfada: 210 9605600
Piraeus 1: 210 4182333
Proodos: 210 3451200


Athens International Airport, “Eleftherios Venizelos,” is approximately 40-45 minutes away by car (35 km), depending on traffic.c.
The X96 Piraeus-Athens Airport Express Bus stops at “Floisvos”.
The tram stop “Trocadero”, located outside Flisvos Marina, connects to the Attiko Metro, which offers connections to the airport.


The tram stop “Trocadero” is located directly outside of the main entrance of Flisvos Marina.

From "Trocadero" one can get to the popular neighbourhoods Glyfada and Voula, but also to the centre of Athens (Syntagma Square).


The closest metro stop to Flisvos Marina is “Syngrou-Fix ”, a few minutes away by car or by local bus (B2, 550).


Upon arriving at the main railway’s Larissis Station transfer to Metro Line 2 to “Syngrou-Fix” Station and then take a taxi or bus B2 or 550 (south direction) to Flisvos Marina.