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LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A.

LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. is a joint venture between LAMDA Flisvos Holding (LFH) (77,23%) and the Public Properties Company S.A. (ET.A.D) (22,77%).
In 2002, a 40-year concession was granted to LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. to undertake the development, upgrading and management of the Flisvos Tourist Port.

Our Vision

Cities by the sea have long been at the centre of Mediterranean culture, from ancient times until today. And in the context of marina destinations, that is exactly what we set out to do: to create a "small city by the sea" boasting a Mediterranean design with clean, simple lines: chic, green and safe. To develop a unique microcosm of a seaside town whose layout features a complex of urban, social, commercial, retail, and green spaces to meet the demands and tastes of its visitors.

In Flisvos Marina the vision to create something more than a marina has come to fruition. Flisvos Marina is testament to the fact that sustainability and luxury are not incompatible. They can coexist harmoniously, under the clear blue Attica sky, offering each of our guests and visitors a truly unique experience.


Flisvos Marina, covering an area of 90,228 sq.m. for commercial and port use, has become a point of reference for both Greek sea tourism and for the residents

of the Attica basin visiting the marina as part of their daily lives.

Over the years — and through its many initiatives — the mega-yacht marina, Flisvos Marina, has been recognised as a distinguished leader in the Greek sea tourism sector

as well as a leisure and recreation destination-of-choice for residents of the Attica region.

History at a Glance

In 2002, we laid the foundations to build — with meticulous attention to contemporary architectural aesthetics and human measure — a small city in perfect harmony

with the surrounding area’s characteristic and historic marine environment known today as the Athenian Riviera.

Committed to our vision, we worked hard and adhered to a strict plan. Fortunate to have received the financial support made possible by large investments, our vision

to build a world-recognised marina and tourism hub on the south coast of Athens became a reality.

Today, we are proud to have created Flisvos Marina, a world-class luxury mega-yacht marina that harmoniously combines stellar berthing services

with high-quality entertainment, dining and shopping.