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At Flisvos Marina we believe that responsibility builds trust.

As such, we operate with the responsibility and integrity expected of an industry leader, where our words are our actions. Rewarded by the trust bestowed upon us, we are grateful to have made such a positive impact on our local community and worldwide clientele.

But we do not rest on our laurels.

Since its founding, Flisvos Marina has become an internationally recognized example of corporate and community-oriented professionalism.

Placing the public good and the environment at top priority.

Improving our footprint in the economy, society, and the environment are the pillars of our corporate philosophy. Business ethics, corporate social responsibility and standard of excellence is in our DNA and are proven in practice with tangible results.

Every success is not a cause for complacency, but a source of encouragement and continued inspiration as we set forth new goals and

higher performance benchmarks for an even better tomorrow.

We continue to raise the standards and aim to set an example on a variety of levels: from the daily cleaning and maintenance of the marina’s land and port premises, and frequent sampling and analysis of water quality, to supporting local community initiatives and investing in our workforce.

Following and utilising the latest technologies, we strive to remain competitive and proactive in the field.

Seeking the most innovative applications and uses of modern technologies, we aim to further enhance our operations for the further improvement of life in the marina:

from the tools available to our employees, to strengthening the job market as a result of each new berth created.

For the performance and the distinctions of Marina Floisvou you can be informed in detail in the Report of Sustainable Development Actions 2020 2021 2022


years supporting
social entities


entities supported

(NPOs, Associations,
Societies, and Academic Institutions)


value of gratis use of
marina’s space


units of blood

from employee donation



until now


recycling streams


recycling of office paper


use of recycled paper


training of staff
on environmental

management issues


investments towards environmental protection
(2016 - 2019)