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  • Waste Management at Flisvos Marina here
  • Information for the public regarding rainwater pipes ending up in the port here




  • Sewage pump-out stations
  • Garbage collection
  • Recycling (plastics, glass, electric and electronic equipment, fluorescent lamps, etc.)
  • Organic waste
  • Garbage and waste removal from piers
  • Hazardous waste collection
  • Used-oil collection tanks
  • Oil water collection tanks
  • Oil water separator
  • Management system of all above waste in cooperation with licensed companies
  • Daily cleaning of sea and land areas
  • Systematic seawater analysis


  • Anti-pollution services

A storage facility on site with specialised equipment to handle pollution emergencies. In addition, Flisvos Marina has a contract with a company specialising in handling marine pollution emergencies that includes immediate response and 24/7 availability of an anti-pollution vessel with crew.


  • Anti-pollution drills

Drills to prepare in case of a pollution incident are carried out annually to ensure the readiness of the marina’s personnel and the collaborating company’s anti-pollution vessel.