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Flisvos Marina is a safe destination — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Safety & Security

When it comes to safety and security there is no room for compromise. It is of utmost importance that each one of our guests, their loved ones, their co-workers, their staff feel safe and secure. This, of course, includes the safekeeping of their valuable property. As such, we continuously invest in the optimisation of security and safety systems and procedures.

Flisvos Marina provides 24-hour security service with constant patrols. The entrance and exits are controlled by security guards in close collaboration with the local Port Authority and our staff. In addition, surveillance assistance is provided by sophisticated CCTV and Control Tower offering a 360-view of the port. Flisvos Marina is fully equipped with the latest technology in fire fighting with a fire detection and fire alarm system, in case of fire. Fire hydrants, carbon dioxide and dry fire extinguishers are located along the piers and throughout the premises. Staffed, on duty and on call 24/7, is our special multi-purpose vessel for firefighting from the sea.

Equipment for the safety of human life such as life buoys and ladders is appropriately distributed according to the strictest safety regulations of tourist ports.

Included in Flisvos Marina’s security measures is the continuous training of its personnel with firefighting drills and crisis management exercises conducted on a regular basis.

The continued advancement of our personnel ensures that Flisvos Marina’s team is always ready to respond to any emergency, to have access to and utilise the proper and available equipment and resources to effectively and efficiently manage any risk.