Facilities & Services

New Port and Land Facilities

A large-scale investment programme for the complete renovation and upgrading of all port and land infrastructure has just been completed.

Flisvos Marina has been transformed into a high-calibre, international marina in the Eastern Mediterranean, exclusively designed to cater to the mooring needs of customers with large luxury vessels and ocean-going mega yachts.

Port Facilities

  • The creation of new port entrance secures the safe entry and exit of small and large boats, even during severe weather conditions. West direction and the completed North division of the outer port significantly contributed to the reduction of wave reflection, a hazardous phenomenon for the moored yachts.

  • 303 stern-to berths from 15m up to 70+m were completed in the marina.

  • One of the most significant upgrades to the marina infrastructure is the completion of the protective construction at the southern dock (windward) that ensures yacht safety from strong sea waves resulting from severe south winds.
Land Facilities
  • On a land of 56.000 sq.m, six (6) low level buildings were constructed across a surface area of 3.800 sq.m, offering 34 stores and business offices.

  • A watch tower has been constructed in the north side of the marina in order to ensure safe yacht entry and exit as well as movement within the port.

  • The renovation of Flisvos Marina's park has been carried out with careful environmental planning with the planting of 1.000 trees and 3.500 sq.m of lawn. In the promenade area, 50 trees were also planted.

  • The Marina's Administration Building hosts the Marina's Administration offices as well as the Flisvos Port Police.

  • Two main parking areas have been developed with more than 320-vehicle capacity in order to accommodate the visitors of the marina.

  • Port Safety
At Flisvos Marina, we take every precaution to create safe berthing conditions to ensure the protection of your yacht including:
  • Modern fire detection and fire fighting equipment

  • Trained staff to handle emergency situations

  • Immediate assistance with specialized multi-use tender (fire-fighting through sea, thrust, big boat towing)

  • Back-up solutions in case of equipment failure

  • Contingency plans
Security and Privacy

Berthing location is the same as a private residence and we believe that it should be given the same privacy, security and right to quiet enjoyment. Capitalizing on the modern infrastructure developed for hosting VIP guests during the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, Flisvos Marina privacy and security measures include:
  • Security fence

  • Camera surveillance

  • Controlled vehicle entrance

  • Single exit/entry point for all vehicles and pedestrians

  • 24-hour surveillance service and vehicle patrol Direct access to Flisvos Port Police, which is located inside the marina premises (Administration building)

  • Watch tower
Expanding our Hospitality

Finding the right mooring location is often the most important concern for luxury yacht owners. The constructional completion of the new piers has increased Flisvos Marina's current capacity reaching 303 berths. More than half of these berths are designed to accommodate yachts in excess of 30 metres in length. In addition to offering a world-class boating destination, Flisvos Marina is developing a brand new 3.800 sq.m commercial and recreational complex on the marina's premises.

Personalized and Reliable Service

We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our guests and pride ourselves on our professionalism and warm hospitality. All staff at the marina are carefully selected and trained to provide customers with the exclusive care, privacy and professional service they deserve. High standards are maintained through constant training of all marina personnel.