Environmental Policy

LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. handles the development, operation and management of Flisvos Marina.

Company policy deems environmental issues as “high priority” on its management agenda. An integral part of its business ashore and at sea, LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A recognizes the importance and treats environmental issues with the utmost care and importance. The company understands that a steadfast environmental policy is a key social responsibility that has the added value of benefiting its shareholders and clients, visitors to the marina, as well as the company and its employees as a whole and other interested parties.

The company’s commitment towards an ecologically sound environment is documented further by the company’s transparency policy, its application of principles of prevention and protection, and through its ongoing development in these areas. More specifically we are committed to protect the environment, to implement all the compliance requirements that concern us, and to continually improve our Environmental Management System and our Environmental performance. These will be implemented by applying management methods which - consistent with the environmental agreements signed by the company with third parties – afford priority to the prevention of pollution, while being fully compliant with the local and international legislation.

The company aims to continually improve its environmental performance by setting objectives and targets that are to be reviewed at regular intervals. The company expects to attain these set goals by establishing and utilizing environmental programmes for the management of environmental impact, which LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. directly or indirectly controls. Correlating to the above is the company’s awareness and utilization of state of the art technologies and practices and the subsequent training and participation of its employees to implement these high standards of environmental management.

The continual search for methods to improve the existing environmental management system facilitates in creating a healthy work environment. This policy is designed to keep the standard of the company’s environmental infrastructure high and motivate all involved in the ongoing process of improving its existing environmental management system. In turn, the company duly communicates the results of this progress to its customers, employees and shareholders and other interested parties.

The Environmental Management System is fully supported by company’s Management. Giving it top priority, the company – in consultation with its personnel – is committed to implementing the system to achieve the above targets. 

The LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. Managing Director